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Understand where to find and how to address your potential customers

How to use

Input you product & explore your target audience

There are a lot of tools which can help to get insights about your customer audience. If you have a website you can install Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and many other tools to get insights about your target audience.

But what if you don’t have a website? What if you’re just starting up or you’re a copywriter, or building something new?

How would you get to know for whom you’re doing it all. What life they have, what books they read, who influences them, how they’re solving their problems and what are their dreams?

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Anthony Webster, CEO Yoga studio


Explore your customer life


How much person earns and what she can afford. Explore her spending patterns


Does she has a family and how much time she spends with friends


See where she works and explore her career. Explore he hobbies and interests

Relax & Refresh

What are her prefered ways to replenish her energy. How she spends free time

Beauty of Body

What she does to be healthy, beautiful and stylish

Mind & Soul

See her personality type, and how it affects what she buyes, her relationships and life

Who can use it

Why should you care?

Get new customers

You will know where to find your customers and how to attract them

Increase convertion rate

Use customer research insights to find a key to every client

Increase customer satisfaction

Your clients will thank you. You will know what your clients want.

Who can use it

Who is using it

Small business owners

Be on the wave. See how you market is changing in real time.

Digital marketers

Speed up customer research and automate your marketing.


Get deaper insights about target audience in order to write better texts

Behind the scenes

Natural Language Understanding and Commonsense Reasoning

In order to deliver quality results we collect anonymised data about people from open sources, statistics and online surveys. We process and organize the data in order to deliver insights about people’s  everyday routine, demographics, likes and dislikes, interest, skills and values.

Welcome our team

Meet Our Team

Anastasia Ionicioiu

Anastasia Ionicioiu


Digital marketer. Website developer. SEO. Enthusiast about NLP and online business automation.




We are looking for a full stack webdeveloper, interested in working with graph databases




We’re are looking for an animator to draw nice, interactive infographics about people’s life

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Current progress

1st proof of concept

We can effectively process text
without using machine learning



2nd proof of concept

Modeling life situations from text
using our Natural Language Processing

Working on it now


Target Audience research

Exploring life of people, who are interested in your product or service

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