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Working on ethical general AI which unites our consciousness. So that we can think, learn and create together

Current focus

Thinking Engine,
a prototype of reasoning AI

There is a general thinking process, a holistic one. It is not purely logical. It relies on feelings, with most of the reasoning done subconsciously, resulting in emotional decisions. Logical reasoning is just a small part of it, when certain conditions are met:

  • we can verbalize our feelings
  • we have all mental structures (knowledge graph of our understanding of life) to support logical reasoning
  • our conscious attention is on the subject of reasoning

For the prototype we split logical and emotional reasoning and work on them separately in 2 different projects.

Logical reasoning

As a “test monkey” for logical reasoning we’re working on a project for automating QA testing for games. An interactive RPA, which is reconstructing the mental model of the app and uses it to help human testers to automate their workflow.

Emotional reasoning

We’re developing a prototype of our game Dreams of Aery. A minimalistic game where you control the progress of your character by expressing your emotions. 
It is an imaginary world simulation populated with AI creatures, which can feel and take emotional decisions. 

Game Pitch

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Open Development

Latest achievements

A simple API for dmm (Dynamic Mental Model data structure) written in Python — THE-51

Thinking Engine

Work by Anastasia Ionicioiu

Nature system. Emotional interactions between creatures are not complete without Nature. It provides food and reflects emotional state of society, giving a perfect backdrop for main interactions

The Dreams of Aery

Work by Anastasia Ionicioiu

Using UI.Vision implemented a script for passing remaining TestRail test cases — RPA-3

Interactive RPA

Work by Anastasia Ionicioiu


General ethical AI

Personally i don’t believe that AI could ever overtake the capacity of a human mind.

  • The amount of information human mind can process is insane. We don’t have enough computing power to mimic human reasoning
  • AI can be helpful in situations with repeating patterns, but when it comes to pure creativity people would always lead. We’re masters of creation. We can do extremely complex and beautiful things which were never existed before.



Trying to understand what you humans are saying and help you in your creative process by visualizing my understanding

General ethical AI



We’re a part of the universe we’re living in. Would be great to find a way to live in harmony with it. And one of the ways is by developing an AI, which would help us to be more creative, more empathetic and give everyone equal possibilities.

Can we build a real paradise on Earth to live in?




    People are amazing

    People are amazing. Our goal is to unleash human creativity


    • virtual Museum of Human Life, showing how people are living on Earth and how our decisions affect the world around us. Seeing what’s going on and being able to dive into details of it would greatly help to understand current problems and people around us
    • creative tools which help us to visualize our ideas and collaboratively work on them. Solving current problems and rebuilding our life in a more compassionate and harmonious way

    Current progress

    1st proof of concept

    We can effectively process text
    without using machine learning



    2nd proof of concept

    Modeling life situations from text
    using our Natural Language Processing

    Working on it now


    Target Audience research

    Exploring life of people, who are interested in your product or service

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